Dictation Methods

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Physician Call-in To Our Secure System

No busy signals. Just call from any telephone, punch in an identification number and begin recording.

Digital Recorder Dictation

Your recorder or ours. Choose a model and features. Great mobility and dependability. Upload the dictation to a computer, and our automated submission system transfers it securely to us.

Cassette Recorder

Use your current micro-cassette recorder. Cassette delivery or mailing available.

Radio-Frequency Device

Cordless digital recorder designed for maximum mobility. Guaranteed not to interfere with other medical devices, the dictation is actually recorded on a computer for immediate automatic submission

Dictate Into A Computer Microphone

For a low one-time fee, we will setup your office computer to record dictation and automatically submit it for transcription.

E-mail Us Any Digital Sound File

For offices with Internet capabilities, we will provide electronic security to email us digital files for transcription.